Obrabiarki do metalu / Giętarki / Ohýbačka / CB90VZB SL 6600



  • 3 CNC-controled axes

  • by server driven rotation of tubes

  • Bending block open upwards and downwards

  • extra much extent in the bending range

  • Automatic correction of back suspension angle

  • Programmable boost function

  • Programmable length adjustment

  • Programmable bending angle

  • Programmable tube rotation

  • Programmable speed for each function

  • length shift by means of strait movable spherical spindle

  • Synchronous movement of the bending head and movable carriage

  • Transport carriage led onde strait linear conductions

  • Massive machine body for welded steel construction, without tension

  • Equipment with spindle backwards movement scilicet early

  • Spindle rod

  • Preparation of corrugation extirpation (without holder)

  • Proportionally drive valves

  • Easy tendering PC-control with light bus

  • Self-contained control support with coloured screen

  • Networking Windows, Novell a Linux

  • Internet connection to support service

  • Software for routing

  • bend direction to the right in the clockwise

Standard data:

  • bending angel max: 200°

  • adjusting accuracy: 1/10°

  • tube rotation: 360°

  • boost force: 70kN


  • Assurance of working range by means of scanner

  • marking unit 1 dot printer

  • marking unit 1 squirter

  • drive unit head 180 2 levels

Rolling tool:

  • rolling set (Bronze) for tube 76,1

  • rolling set for tube 100x12

  • bending spindle with spindle lubrication

  • contact jaws

Software IGES Centerline without marking

Machine requirement:

  • machines and optimization tools for steel tube 76,1mm

  • tube length max. 6,3m

  • tube movement forwards and backwards 300mm

  • Max. tube diameter 90mm

  • Creased tube screwed 100 x 12 x 1,5

  • Iterative machine accuracy 0,1mm

  • Machine designed for 3-D-bends

  • CAD-data are read at IGES as middle line, machine is equipped with s dot printer and squirter for

    • middle line marking

    • boring positions

    • tube position numbers on both ends of the tube length

  • marking positions are available in the table tish tube length and rotation and must be read by production control.

  • Machine is equipped with internet connection for falts finding and remote maintenance

Nr.Kat. J3011
Typ CB90VZB SL 6600
Stan znakomity
R.Bud. 2013
Producent Dynobend
Kraj Holender


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