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Content 1000 kg AL slitiny
Max.metling temperature 900 °C
Melting performance 370 kg Al slitiny/h
Melting time cca 105 min
Consumption for melting cca 1,4 kW/kg
Torch type G3/1-E. Designog ZD fixture R1 ½, pipe H1 G3/1A
Year of manufacture 2001
Torch manufacturer Fa. Weishaupt
Torch input power 465 kW
Gas calorific value 9,3 kW/m3N
Dynamic pressure on the torch 25 mbar
Electric input 2,5 kW
Noise level cca 70 dB(A)
Current connection 3/380-400 V/N/PE, 50 Hz
Control voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Regulation systém high - small - turned off
Furnace weight (without crucible, underlay and metal) cca 2850 kg
Nr.Kat. J2994
Typ CMHG T 1000
Stan b. dobry
R.Bud. 2007


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