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Prasa korbowa
Rated forming force 10000 kN
Efektive stroke at nominal forming force 4 mm
Ram stroke 140 mm
Ram adjustment 15 mm
Shut heit 630 mm
With betwen uprights under guide ways 900 mm
Ram working area 710x650 mm
Table working area 900 mm
Number of ram strokes during continuos run 36 /min
Number of useful ram strokes 20 /min
Upper ejector-ejecting force 30 mm
Upper ejector-stroke 100 kN
Lower ejestor-ejecting force 60 mm
Width 2840 mm
Depth 2380 mm
Height above floor 3815 mm
Height of the press 4115 mm
Total press weigh 37000 kg
Input of the main electric motor 37 kW
Sucked airconsumption single stroke 28 md/per stroke
Rollers diameter 700 mm
Rollers width 700 mm
Rollers pitch 850+30 mm
Rollers revolutions 13,6 /min
Sluks dia 30/70 mm
Max. Slugs length 300 mm
Max.rolles products length 650 mm
Max.rolles products length without /min
not reduced ends 700 mm
A cycle duration incl.inserting 6,5 s
Input 93 kW
Sucked air consuptiom 18 l/ot.
Machine dimensions: 3 500 x /min
left to rightxfront to backxheight 2 300 x 3 300 mm
Weight 18500 kg
Nr.Kat. J2885
Typ LLR 1000
Stan b. dobry
Producent Šmeral Brno
Kraj Czechy


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