Obrabiarki / Frezarki / Gantry frezarka / HZFS 1250x1000x4000/3

Gantry frezarka
Längst without oil catcher 7000 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 655 mm
Number of table guide pathways
(right V-path, left-flat path)
2 Stück
Length 4040 mm
Width 1000 mm
Clamping face: width 1000 mm
length 3240 mm
Table travel at 1 resolution
of the table driving wheel
378,43 mm
T-grooves according to TGL 3045: number 8 Stück
width 22 H12 mm
distance 125 mm
Table speed (continuous)
(run speed forward and reverse)
4…6000 mm/min
Fast running 10000 mm/min
Slow running 4 mm/min.
Max allowable table load by evenly distributed load 2000 kg/m
Max.workpiece weight 6000 kg
Cross bar
Feed 15…560 mm/min.
Nr.Kat. J2879
Typ HZFS 1250x1000x4000/3
Stan dobry
Producent Heckert
Kraj Niemcy


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