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Frezarka do owalów
  Operating range with a standard miling head    
  The most sizeable milled workpiece-Æ  by standard equipment with    
  ˉ milling cutter - Æ  40 72 mm
  ˉ milling cutter - Æ 32 80 mm
  ˉ by the special equipment see volume 3-chapter 14    
  Millled   module, target figures 2-2,5  mm
  The longest milled workpeace 150 mm
  The longest clamping workpiece surface:    
  ˉaccording to  Æ of workpiece, clamping systém and feeder  200-300 mm
  Longitudinal move with a standard gear in  27 steps from   0,05-4 mm
  Cross move continuous from 0,2-200 mm/min
  Milling bevel angle, left and right    
  ˉ according to loose headstock equipment          till 90 °
  number of milling teeth at the single miler    
  ˉ with dividing mechanism 60:5 (normal) 2-130  
  ˉ with dividing mechanism  54:18 (speciaí) 45 658  
  Number of teeth above r 130with restrictions    
  (see band 2-chapter 6)    
  Motor for driving of milling machine, normal output 1,5 kW
  the greatest nilling cutter-Æ 50 mm
  at the bright of the milling cutter 20 mm 63 mm
  The smallest milling cutter-Æ 24 mm
  the brightest milling cutter 40 mm
  milling cutter move path 25 mm
  Operating range with special headsi:    
  See   "Special heads" in the band  3.    
  Operating range at the automatic feeding:    
  See "Feeding and storage systems" in the band 4 o r5    
  Machine weight( the greatest weight) lengthxbrightx hight    
  ˉ manually fed machine 1325x1380x2080 mm
  ˉ  full automatic machine according to the equipment    
  ˉ nanually fed machine ca. 1800 kg
  ˉ full automatic machine according to the equipment 2000-2300 kg
  Elektrical input power    
  ˉ EUR-design 4,1 kVA
  ˉ  JIC-design 4,8 kVA
Nr.Kat. K0219
Typ Mikron A33/0
Stan b. dobry
R.Bud. 1975
Producent Mikron
Kraj Szwajcaria


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