Obrabiarki do metalu / Prasy / Prasa korbowa / H48-1-12 (400 tun)

Prasa korbowa
Max.pressure at 14 mm before DDC400 t
Number of strokes22 min-1
Working energy at 22 SPM16250 kgm-1
Max.high of stroke686 mm
Min.hight of stroke381 mm
Clamping plate force216 mm
Table hight830 mm
Upper push back force16 t
Press dimensions   
Total width3000 mm
Total depth3000 mm
Total heigh above the floor5420 mm
Electrical requirements   
Voltage380 V
Main motor60 kW
Shifting motor3,7 kW
Air delivery: air input5,5 atp.
Air consumption10 liters/stroke
Nr.Kat. S0530
Typ H48-1-12 (400 tun)
Stan b. dobry
Producent WILKINS
Kraj Anglia


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