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Prasa korbowa

The press is equiped with a safety coupling Ortinghaus  
Max.press force  400 t
Press ram stroke 250 mm
Clamping height  723 mm
Number of strokes23 min-1
Pass under guide1000 mm
Thickness of the fastening plate220 mm
Recess in the table750x750 mm
Press ram adjustability150 mm
Force of the upper push back 16 t
Force of the lower push back40 t
Press air connection6 at
Air consumption for 1 stroke25 dm3
Main electric motor 37 kW
Motor for press ram adjustment1,5 kW
Max. press height above the floor5490 mm
Press weight   28100 kg

Nr.Kat. S0502
Typ LU 400/1000 E
Stan b. dobry
R.Bud. 1963
R.Rem. GO96
Producent Žďas
Kraj Czechy


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