Obrabiarki / Szlifierki / Szlifierka do narzędzi / BN 102

Szlifierka do narzędzi
Swing 280 mm
Swing by using of the positioning plate  370 mm
Distance between the headstock centre and tailstock centre 500 mm
Distance between teilstock centres 690 mm
Tailsstock centre ax above the table 130 mm
Tailstock centre ax  from the table back side 55 mm
Spindle tapers 60 metric.
5 Morse
Ordinary dimensions of the grinding disk :
Outside diameter 150 mm
Inside diameter 20 mm
Longitudinal motion of the table 440 mm
Transvérse motion of the table 240 mm
Table displacement 90 °
Table surface 920x140 mm
Vertical motion of the grinding spindle 230 mm
Spindle angle shift 350 st.
Grinding spindle revolutions :
I.stage 2800 ot/min
II.stage 5600 ot/min
Motor output 0,7  /  1,2 kW
Working headstock swing -
horizontally, vertically 360 st.
Nr.Kat. S0267
Typ BN 102
Stan b. dobry
R.Bud. 1966
R.Rem. SO 2004
Producent TOS Mělník
Kraj Czechy


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