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Prasa mimośrodowa
Rated force 2500 kN
Rated working path 6 mm
Max.shearing material surface at normative strength 400 mPa 6250 mm2
Overhang 425 mm
Closure 580 mm
Table desk width 125 mm
Press ram adjustability 125 mm
Press ram stroke 25-180 mm
Press ram clamping face 850x600 mm
Press ram clamping hole  Æ65x105 mm
Table hight from the floor 900 mm
Table clamping surface 1180x880 mm
Press ramm stroke number 54 min-1
Number of available strokes 28 mm-1
Electromotor output 18,5 kW
Air consumption for  1 stroke 36,2 l
Air pressure into a control systém 0,8 MPa
Voltage of an efficient electromotor 380/220 V
Voltage for machine lighting 24 V(50 Hz)
Voltage for machine drive control 220 V(50 Hz)
System supply voltage  380 V(50Hz)
Major machine dimensions:    
machine lenght left to right 1180/1500 mm
machine width from ahead to back 2250 mm
machine high above floor 3760 mm
Press weight 17000 kg
Nr.Kat. S0608
Typ LEK 250
Stan dobry
R.Bud. 1983
R.Rem. 2012
Producent VSS Košice
Kraj Słowacja


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